Review: Dole’s Endless Summer Kit

I’ve never purchased a salad kit in my life, mainly because they’re usually a hell of a lot more expensive than just buying the ingredients separately and making it yourself (tis the price you pay for convenience). However, my neighbor does sometimes, and a couple weeks ago, I was over at his place (so what else is new) and tried some of this one. It is effing amazing. Holy crud. So much so that I actually went and bought some the other day! :D (It was on manager’s special. I love manager’s specials at Kroger. <3 ) This isn’t really a recipe so much as it is a breakdown of the stuff in this awesomeness of a salad kit.

I don’t know what it is about this particular salad kit, because I’ve since tried others and they just don’t seem to compare. To be fair, the others generally include an ingredient I don’t particularly enjoy, or can’t have (e.g. blue cheese, bacon), so it’s probably more of a preference issue on my part. I usually just get around that by omitting whatever the ingredient is and throwing more of my own fixings in.

Dole’s Endless Summer Kit

This is before I mixed it all up. :O

-sunflower seeds
-mix of guyere + swiss cheese, shredded
-romaine lettuce, shredded
-red cabbage, shredded
-carrots, shredded
-hard boiled egg, chopped/diced (since I was being lazy, I just mashed it up with the fork I was going to use to eat the salad)
-artisan-style croutons
-pepper & herb seasoning
-Dole’s summer vinaigrette dressing (has white balsamic vinegar in it, but that’s unfortunately all I know)

1) Mix everything together and consume! :O

(Honestly, my only alteration to this was to add a mashed up hard-boiled egg in. Yay for more protein! Also, the salad dressing from a single salad kit tends to last for 4 different salads for me, so that’s another plus. If anyone knows how to recreate this dressing, I’ll love you forever.)


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  1. It is the best salad dressing! I’m looking for a copy cat recipe too!

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