wrestling alligators

F: I also cut his nails so he wouldn’t deal as much damage.
T: I guess he wasn’t too happy about that?
F: He’s actually gotten kinda used to it. Barely puts up a fight! :O Possibly also because he knows he can’t escape.
T: How do you trap him?
F: Basically, it’s me kneeling with him between my thighs, so my feet are keeping him from backing out, and my thighs are preventing him from running forward. I’ve been told that this is how you would wrestle an alligator. …Step 1 of this.

I shouldn’t find this sadly hilarious, but I do. :[ My cats are alligators.


About Farrah

A frugal, selectively antisocial Family Medicine resident physician with too many interests. Loves...God, family, friends, volunteering and helping others, making others happy, music (especially piano and singing), Tahitian/hula/salsa/pole dancing, aerial silks, learning, writing, cooking, eating, sleeping, lifting weights, playing SNES and DS, photography, editing, window-shopping, gymnastics, kickboxing, BJJ, finding great deals, pyrography, horseback riding, archery, frolicking in the great outdoors...making every moment count.

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