Daily Archives: December 4, 2012


As the title may imply, we had our EKG lab today. Last week, we were given the luxury of picking our own groups with the forewarning that we should put some thought into who we picked to be in our group because we had to be comfortable with being half naked in front of them.

R: Jaclyn said it’s because you guys have to get used to being around naked people.
F: As bad as it sounds, I’m already wildly used to that because of Hawaii club and exercise bio…and let’s not forget my roommates, hahaha.
Let’s put it this way–there probably was no way for us to get any more comfortable with each other. So you can see why being in a sports bra in front of people really doesn’t matter to me anymore. :x Also, after learning, palpating for and treating an anterior L5 tender point with counterstrain, which my neighbor describes as, “not to be crude, but she was basically just feeling up my junk,” I just really can’t see how it can be such a big deal anymore, but I guess there still exist people with slight reservations.

Our EKG lab went swimmingly, since my group consisted of my two neighbors and another one of our mutual friends who lives about a mile away from us. We spent the time joking around with each other while being super productive and efficient (got EKGs done on all four of us in an hour!). Putting electrodes on a guy’s chest is wildly easy. But we relegated the placing of electrodes on females to ourselves, because let’s be real here, my putting the electrodes on myself was akin to getting to second base with myself. (I probably shouldn’t say things like this. Professionalism and all.) It was also slightly awkward because neither of us could see where V4-6 were going (y’know, chest leads, having things in the way…) and V3 wouldn’t sit correctly, but the guys dealt with our complaints professionally (our complaints were not professional at all). I’m sure I’m painting all kinds of lovely pictures here, so I’m just going to stop and shut up.

Good thing we’re all wildly comfortable with each other, right?