Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

wake up call

It’s getting a little more hostile.

Yesterday, it went something like this:
F: I’m gonna lace your cough drops with arsenic. >:o
: I’m gonna lace your face with my iron.

And here’s today:

Entirely unrelated to what’s up there, but I tried to record the concert on Saturday so my mom could listen to it when I got home (and so I could keep these songs somehow <3 ), so I thought I'd be super stealth and hide the recorder in my bra, since there were a couple songs where we wouldn't be holding up our music, and I didn't want it to be apparent that I was holding onto a recorder. This backfired miserably because recorder being pressed into boob = massive static and you can really only hear me singing (while full of static and muffled-ness) with a tiny bit of harmonization every now and then. :'( Fortunately, we apparently have another performance at the Greenbrier Manor next Tuesday (casual dress, hooray!), so I will try again then. This time without super-stealth.