Daily Archives: December 13, 2012

Fruity Turkey Sandwich

Or chicken. Whatever you happen to prefer. :O

I discovered the “manager’s special” shelf for baked goods about a month ago and one of my finds included 4 whole wheat sandwich breads for 99 cents. This was before the appearance of my breadmaker (:D!), so to me, it was a pretty good deal, since I had just run out of bread and this made for several pretty hefty sandwiches. There are about a billion different things you can do to change this up, but I happened to throw in dried fruits because I have a ton that my mom sent me in a care package, so I’m looking for ways to eat em’ outside of just having it plain.

Fruity Turkey Sandwich

-mesquite smoked turkey slices
-dried apricots
-dried cranberries
-sandwich bread of some sort

1) Assemble everything onto bread in layers.
2) Consume. :O