Daily Archives: December 26, 2012

christmas adventures

I’ve been all excited about coming back home because, aside from being able to see my family/friends again (and Asian food!), I can practice wrestling/rolling with my brother!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but way back in the day, we used to fight all the time and I got really good at escaping whenever he tried to pin me. We made a pact to stop fighting when I was around 11-12 though, and not a moment too soon, because soon afterward, he took up wrestling (and also gained a crap ton of muscle because hello testosterone/puberty).

Anyway, we decided to wrestle/roll this morning (what better day than Christmas morning, right?) and thoroughly alarmed my mom (who thought Sam would kill me)/disgusted my dad (who already think I’m kinda mannish).

S: Is this around the same level of intensity compared to when you wrestle with your teacher?
F: Yeah, basically, except I didn’t ever try to bite Dan.
S: You tried to bite me?!
F: No, but I thought about it.

I also successfully escaped a full mount and I almost managed to take his back, much to my brother’s shock/dismay. (He was operating at 2/3 his max because if he was going all out, I would very likely hurt something. >_>) He was pretty impressed though! Despite this, I somehow managed to almost get choked out by a loving hug from a 75-ish year old grandma.

Also, might I add that the only time you’ll ever see durian as a present = at an Asian white elephant gift exchange. The recipient cut it up to share with everyone and all the naysayers immediately lit candles. I haven’t had durian since before 2007, because everyone in my family hates it (other than my grandma, but she’s no longer around :[ ).

Merry Christmas/Happy holidays, everyone! :]