Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

White Trash

Please don’t be offended by the title. :[ My neighbor got the recipe from this lady who called it this, so I swear it is not my (or his) fault. (He’s white and he was the one who made it, if that makes it any better.) This stuff is really addicting, especially because I’m a big fan of the whole sweet-salty combination in snacks. ;_; I had to mentally restrain myself from “taste-testing” all of it so he’d have enough to give to other people. It took monumental self control to not eat it all so I could bring some home for my family to try it.

White Trash

-several blocks of white chocolate
-chex mix
-lightly salted peanuts
-miniature oreos
-miniature cookies
-(honestly, you could use anything)

1) Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler.
2) Lay out wax paper and spread the ingredients of choice out onto it.
3) Pour melted white chocolate over aforementioned ingredients.
4) Let it set, then break into pieces and consume!

Have a picture of something healthy, just for the hell of it. :O
(corn, grape tomatoes, oven roasted chicken, shredded carrots, romaine lettuce)