Daily Archives: January 8, 2013


When I was somewhere around 4-5, I won $50 in a coloring contest. It was kinda awesome. Last semester, during one of my study breaks, I decided to mess around with MS Paint and submitted a design for the class shirt. We voted on it today and…my design actually won! :O There were two rounds: the first one to narrow it down to two and the second to pick the final one. Of the 5 choices, I got 59% of the votes in the first round and 68% of the votes the second time around. Hooray hooray! Free zip-up jacket and $35 gift card, here I come! <3

Yay for Microsoft Paint?

In the interest of full disclosure, I originally made a super n00b move and had the med school symbol as the caduceus instead of the rod of Asclepius (sigh). For the record, the caduceus has two snakes and wings (and was a hell of a lot more complicated to draw/pixelate on MS Paint -_-) symbolizes commerce & the US Army Medical Corps, whereas the rod of Asclepius has only one snake (and no wings), and is associated with medicine and health care. Yepyep. You learn/realize something new every day.

On a completely random tangent, I was talking to my mom on the phone and being distracted by Mufasa when I got home yesterday and Adam snuck up on the stairs and scared the living daylights out of me. Not kidding. I let out an extremely unbecoming cry of terror and everything. ;_; He was so amused, he forgot what he came upstairs to do in the first place. If I’ve lost any number of years off my life, the blame falls on him. :[

My friend who wants my Asian baby (…) asked me if I could mate with one of the other Asians in the class today since she wanted a completely Asian baby.
F: …
B: If you want to mate with Adam, you can do that too! Half-Asian babies are cute!
F: …
A: Yeah, everyone’s trying to set us up, so I guess we should get married, but I don’t have the fever.
B: Half-Asian baby!
F: In-state tuition!
We are terrible people.