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Ginger Chia Granola Yogurt

I’ve revamped the Recipes page! There’s a drop-down menu of all the different categories now because I felt that having one fat, long list was getting a little out of hand. Hope it helps!

This recipe kinda happened by accident. As you may well know, I don’t really like the taste of Greek yogurt, but since it’s packed with such awesomeness (and by that, I mainly mean protein/nutritional goodness), I like to always have it on hand. To remedy my belief that it basically tastes like sour cream, I dress it up with all sorts of things. My standard go-to is granola and honey.

However, it’s so cold here, my giant thing of honey has, in essence, solidified. I guess it didn’t help that I kinda keep my apartment as an icebox because I’m rarely in it. I had a total west coast moment (something that would likely only ever happen to people who’ve been spoiled by a lack of actual seasons) and turned off all my heaters before I left in an effort to save electricity. What I did not know was that this is a terrible idea, because it actually gets cold enough for the pipes to freeze over here. ._.

This explains why my electricity bill is half the amount of everyone else’s. :[ In case you care though, a potential crisis was averted because my landlord looks out for me and turned them up to the minimum while I was gone. (Thank you! :o ) I mentioned this to a friend at church and he said he needed to find someone I should marry so that he could take care of me, because clearly, this whole cold weather business is very new to me. (I blame it on my lack of an experience with a real winter in NJ last year). Pray tell, why is everyone trying to marry me off?

Anyway, this is what I came up with. I’m aware that it doesn’t actually look all that appetizing (the slightly more giant crumbles = ginger cookie bits), but I swear it was good. :O

Ginger Chia Granola Yogurt

-Nature’s Path Acai Apple Granola
-Nature’s Path Whole O’s
-Fage 0% Greek yogurt
-chia seeds
-1 ginger cookie, crumbled
-cinnamon, to taste

1) Scoop out some Greek yogurt. Top with chia seeds, granola and cereal. Sprinkle cinnamon over the top and crumble a ginger cookie over everything.