horses for healers (funding!)

Once upon a time (last year), I got to be a part of a pilot program at Spring Reins of Hope’s medical student course on learning the importance of nonverbal communication and body language in an effort to improve students’ bedside manner. Although I wasn’t a medical student then, I do think I managed to take away a lot from the program and I absolutely loved the time that I got to spend there. I wish I could have been a part of the whole thing (I had to miss the first shadowing day because of a midterm), but it was super fun. :] They’re currently trying to raise funds to keep the program going, so if you have any spare change at all, please consider donating to them! <3 They are wonderful people and the horses were amazing.

Here’s a link to a more eloquent description…

I think they were explaining how to play horse billiards here. :D

Tending to OJ’s needs.

Playing horse billiards. We weren’t allowed to touch him, so I was standing on his other side to deter him from leaving us.

…and that’s me doing a happy dance because we succeeded in our mission to put Cosmo in his pocket. Please don’t judge me.

Our group! :] Four of us were grad students and the rest are med students. :D This was definitely one of my favorite days spent in grad school. <3

And here are the two posts where I actually talk about it in more detail. :D I didn’t want to completely repeat myself in this post, har har.


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