Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

the punching bag

Although I really shouldn’t complain, since we’re lucky to even have one (with “free” membership, since it’s included into our monstrous tuition), there are a few things I really wish our gym could have. I’ve been getting kinda pissy at whoever’s been leaving all their weights everywhere. (If I knew who he was [I can safely assume that it’s a dude since I’m basically one of about three females that frequents the weight room], I’d likely tell him off, but alas, I do not, and I don’t want to stoop to leaving passive-aggressive notes.) A lot of people there seem to¬† have really terrible gym etiquette. In my mind, if you can take the weight off the rack, you’re perfectly capable of putting it back where you found it. It’s not that hard to not be a douche, but no, some people just really insist on being douchey.

Whoever did this was rather clever.

Anyway, my friend voiced one of his wishes today (it coincides with mine) and a rather hilarious conversation ensued.

M: I wish the punching bag at the gym was in a private room so you don’t have to feel like a such a douche when you want to workout with it…
M’s dad: Hit it harder than everyone else. Strike fear in their douche hearts.
M: Jesus, dad, that’s embarassing.
T: You should just embrace your role and make grunting and growling noises.
A: Deadlift near max, then drop the weight and look around and eye dominate everyone…then go hit the bag after you change into your tapout shirt… Let everyone know you train UFC.
M’s dad: That’s my job.
J: Stab it. Punching’s for pussies.
A: To be even more badass, ask for a spot…then tell someone to hold the bag and blast it with sidekicks.
M: Haha, AJ! I hate “that guy” and that’s how I feel when I work out with the bag. It’s terrible…
Me: Don’t forget to never rerack the weights after deadlifting near max too; then people will have a constant reminder of your badassery.
M: Hahaha, yes! I’m doing it. Sidekick with a spotter and then stab the shit out of it. Then I’ll just do a backflip and scream something in korean before I stare at everyone as I walk out. Farrah, you wanna spot me?
F: Only if you’re doing sidekicks.

I’ve always wanted to work out using the punching bag (using it to practice would be really nice), but I kinda hate that it’s basically in the middle of the room, and also that it would just fly all over the place when I was kicking it (hence, why I think the resistance-band/weight contraption was pretty awesome). :[

While I’m at it, I’d really, really love it if we had a dance room with mirrors…and an indoor track. But I’ve really just been spoiled by the ARC. Miss you lots, Davis. :[