Daily Archives: February 3, 2013

COM week

COM week (Celebrate Osteopathic Medicine) starts tomorrow, and will basically be featuring a bunch of events and guest speakers all week. Its purpose is to inspire and educate the WVSOM students/faculty/staff about osteopathic approaches to health care and to educate our community about the osteopathic profession.

This year’s COM week focuses more on the importance of international medicine, and they’re providing food all throughout the week. (If you haven’t noticed, if come to this school, it’s honestly a little difficult for you to go hungry. I had lunch with several interviewees on Friday and rest assured, that is something I brought up.) I may not have mentioned it before, but food played a part in my choosing of this school.

Before you judge me on that statement, my rationale was that if the school cared enough to feed its students so often (I get something like 3 free lunches per week + free snacks in the library whenever Jerry, one of our librarians, is working because she’s an amazing woman), it said something about how much they cared about their students’ well-being. There’s definitely a very family-like atmosphere here that I really love. :]

With that said, we have free lunch throughout the entire week and free dinners on Monday and Tuesday. I guess this means my weekend cooking adventure need not be completed. :O

I’ve definitely been spending more money on groceries than I used to (I used to survive pretty comfortably on $50/month for groceries). I think it’s permissible though, since I save so much money from just not eating out. Since I’ve been here, I’ve still only eaten out twice (once for a friend’s birthday, which her husband actually paid for [we felt bad so we gave a crap ton for the tip since he wouldn’t take our money] and once for when my friend Luke came to visit while on his way back to Indiana). With the money saved from that, I think it’s reasonable to spend a little more on groceries. :D Down payment to better health and less terrible medical bills in the future!

Back to studying.