Daily Archives: February 5, 2013


Let’s face it: in a small town where everyone knows everyone, if you show your face in public at all (aka if you’re not a complete basement-dweller), you’re bound to gain a reputation of some sort.

Among my friends, I’m the jack of all trades (with the exception of my neighbor, who calls me the “bad Asian”). The question they like asking most is, “Is there anything you don’t do?” (Sadly, there’s plenty. :[ ) They call it talent; I call it having way too many interests.

At school, my reputation is as follows:
1) hula girl
2) girl who lifts hella heavy stuff at the gym
3) resident food receptacle

(Monika: “You’re the hula girl who goes hard at the gym and eats everything.”)

That is not unlike what I was known for at Davis. :D Except at Davis, I was also the music librarian and the resident [and/or emergency] accompanist.

Some things don’t change. :] I can definitely live with that. :D

I did a massive cleansing/revamp of the recipes once more (partially because I wanna join the secret recipe club :x ). There shouldn’t be any more broken links. :] Sorry about before!