hydro flaskers

Our group didn’t really have a collective name until recently. We’ve somewhat dubbed ourselves as the “hydro flaskers,” which is really only because almost all of us now own one of these (in an assortment of different colors):

(I took this picture to show my friend how big the bottle was, so the BIC pen is there for reference.)

We decided on the name partly because Kosina told two of our friends who don’t currently own one (but are looking into it) that if they didn’t get one, they would be kicked out of the circle and we wouldn’t let them participate in our potlucks together anymore. She was kidding (obviously), but these water bottles really are awesome. *-* Keeps hot beverages steaming hot for over 12 hours and warm for even longer than that. <3 So obviously, it’s especially wonderful for crappy winter weather. ;_; But will likely also be amazing for summer since it does the same deal for cold drinks.

Although this is filed under food, this actually will not be a recipe post because there is no recipe associated with it. As my friend put it, you just fry it and then add ready-made sauce to it. Since I never fry anything and I like to make things from scratch, that isn’t a recipe to me, so you’re just gonna have to look at pretty pictures of delicious chicken. Sorry. I was likely as, if not more, disappointed than you were to hear that. :[

Andrea is my “perfect chicken wing partner.” Aside from the fact that both of us are vastly capable of consuming massive amounts of food, we discovered that when it comes to chicken wings, she has a definite preference for the “flat pats,” and although I could technically go either way, I have a tendency to reach for the “baby drumsticks.” Namarig likes making these, but can’t eat very much of them so in short, we make a very good team. :D

Garlic Parmesan.

Asian Glaze.

Carribean Jerk.


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