Daily Archives: February 17, 2013

presents from my neighbor


The other day, when my friends were here for our CNY celebration, we dragged Jennie into our conglomeration, but since she’s a second year, she’s never met my neighbor. After hearing countless stories on all the crap that he gives me (e.g. learning Cantonese so he can insult me, putting “人渣” in place of my actual name on my nametag, etc.), my friends finished off the abuse stories with, “But he’s a really, really nice guy.”
Jennie: …

I don’t blame her, because they were really only recounting all the “terrible” things he’d done recently. (And to think they used to not believe me either. >_> Now we have proof.)

So I thought I’d share some of the “presents” I’ve found at my door. :O

Since my telling him that my dad said I was part black,  one of his favorite parting phrases to me is, “Stay black!” It draws some weird double-takes from people in class sometimes. In terms of the abuse, my friends here really aren’t that much better, because they’ve completely taken to objectifying and abusing me (it’s because of Cosmo). When I told this to Jun, he said that the common factor in all of this is me, so really, I bring it upon myself. :'( Sad times. As Pixie put it, “There’s just something about you that screams, ‘Abuse her! It’ll be fun!'” Haters.

…Yep. He taped it down so it’d be flipping me off. But see, along with all this abuse, I also get really awesome food. :O

He made beef ribs to give to me. :O :O :O!!! Beef ribs are basically second in line to salmon sashimi in my eyes, so this is why all is forgiven, haha. I am very, very easily placated with food, haha.