Daily Archives: February 21, 2013

“Hey there, can I check your craniosacral flexion?”

Please observe this picture. Closely.

Note the lovely hand placement.

Not awkward, not awkward at all.

My friend wins for quote of the day: “But what if they have really big testicles?”

This is about as terrible as anterior T1-T9 counterstrain / posterior L1-L5 counterstrain. I think I was only slightly more weirded out than usual because I was talking to Adam yesterday to confront him about a lovely picture he drew me (more on that in a moment), and I leaned over to point something out. Since Adam sits across the entire lecture hall from me, my friends on the other side (by my seat) happened to witness a guy near us turn around in his seat and crane his head over so he could better stare at my butt. (Way to be obvious about it, dude.)

While I am well aware that Cosmo attracts an audience when I’m doing squats (as was pointed out to me by the friend who deemed my butt a separate entity from myself) and is talked about fairly often amongst friends (e.g. I cannot expect to lie prone on an OPP bench without having someone coming by to smack my butt), I am less aware of others’ attraction to Cosmo when I’m just standing around. >_> They started talking about him and he noticed that he’d been found out, so he made a hasty escape. I have no idea who he is, but to be honest, much worse things have happened, so I can barely be annoyed over this. It does go hand in hand with why Hooters should have hired me for that one summer though. If I’m going to objectified on a daily basis, I might as well get paid for it. :[

But onward with the rest of my story. The picture! I came to class the other day to find a tupperware of homemade soup and a drawing (of chibi me) at my desk.

Before you say it’s cute, let me just throw out there that the Chinese characters are supposed to say, “cow vagina.” I was confronting him about the vagina part, because we thought he’d written it incorrectly. Apparently, that character does in fact exist, and we didn’t know about it because it’s really, really terrible slang. He asked my friend what the actual character was for it and she wrote, “靓女” because she’s awesome. (Her “correction” means “pretty girl.”) I still do think it’s cute though, cow vagina and all.

He also gave me this (all the chocolate was on sale after Valentine’s Day; yay for gargantuan chocolate-covered peanut butter hearts!), so I can’t be too mad. :D For the record, nothing he’s done thus far has actually annoyed me, since it’s all in good fun. The crap we joke about makes everyone else turn their heads/raise their eyebrows though.