Daily Archives: February 23, 2013

bedside manner

Overheard the other day: “Lie down and shut up, or I’ll kill you.”

That’s some great bedside manner right there.

We had a super-extremist vegan come in to talk to us today. (Most of my church here is either vegetarian or vegan.) I was talking to a friend after the sermon and he asked me if I ate meat.
F: (looks around furtively) Yes, but I kinda feel like I should be hiding under a rock as I say this.
: (visibly brightens) It’s okay, me too.

We’re apparently far and few between at my church. I’m glad I’m not alone though. I’m sorry, church, but I kinda love meat (e.g. salmon sashimi, beef ribs) a little too much. No can do. That is not to say that I can’t enjoy vegan/vegetarian meals though! :O

Here was my lunch today! (Before I went for seconds. Yes, I’m a pig. But the food really is just that good.)