Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

free night off

The server was down today, which means…that we got to have lives (sad how that works, isn’t it?)! We had a quiz that actually went fairly well (by that, I mean it was actually reasonable in the sense that they really tested what they said they’d test on–no waiii! :O ).

I was greeted by a sweet potato muffin this morning!

I went afterward to volunteer at the blood drive, then off to a lecture lunch that reminded me of my love for ex phys (I miss it and Davis :[ ). My mini med school group was supposed to have a meeting afterward, but none of the guys showed up, presumably because they all forgot(?). We foolishly forgot to exchange numbers (or rather, I meant to ask, but I wanted to ask with the whole, ‘Can I have yo numba?’ deal but decided against it, in case they’d never seen the mad TV skit of it), and since the server was down, we couldn’t email each other. Our internet dependency thing is a little frightening. :/

I went to donate blood and actually wasn’t rejected this time (yay!). It wasn’t too pleasant of an experience (I would have preferred if the guy had told me what he was doing). My arm also went numb and I turned extremely pale/got pretty light-headed (I was kinda expecting that though). I am apparently somewhat of a messy bleeder when someone shoves the needle into my arm and moves it around. But! I’m helping someone somewhere out there, and I’ll finally know what my blood type is! I may do this again anyway though (once I manage to shake the feeling that my life’s juices were quite literally draining out of me), since it’s kinda nice to be able to help someone out.

I managed to make it home safely?

Against my better judgement, I went to go over hula with my friends afterward (our performance is this weekend!). I managed to not pass out though. Afterward, since the servers were still down (which means we can’t access email, lectures, recordings, material, everything in the world…), we gave ourselves the night off to celebrate, and went out to see a movie (Silver Linings Playbook!). :D The theater downtown was super cute. Movie tickets are apparently only $6, and our town is apparently so small, they don’t actually give you a ticket. They just let you walk by. They also serve popcorn with nutritional yeast! (Gives it a cheesy flavor but without the actual dairy.) I think it’s kinda cool that crime rate is super low here and we don’t have to worry so much about people breaking in, robberies, burglaries, etc. For better or worse, almost everyone I know never locks their door. It’s going to be weird having to get used to not being able to do that elsewhere.