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follies 2013

Performing at Carnegie Hall? Check! <3

I had a wildly hectic (but fun, and full of successes!!!) weekend. I’ll get to the other half of my Saturday some other time, because that kinda deserves its own post, but here are a couple pictures from Follies (the OMT club’s fundraiser for the Family Refuge Center) this year! I’m throwing in the introductions I wrote for the acts I was in, just because (with omitted last names though, just for privacy-ish’s sake). All the pictures are of me until I find and obtain a good one of all of us. :O Sorry.

My hair has probably never had this much volume (the result of being in double-French braids for almost 24 hours with a whole lot of hairspray, a curling iron [courtesy of Monika], and even more hairspray).

“Farrah studied music performance in piano at UC Davis as her de-stress major for when she needed to take a break from all the science. Performing in Carnegie Hall happens to be on her bucket list, so she’s pretty thrilled about being able to cross it off this semester. She will be playing Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne in D-flat Major, op. 27, no. 2.”

<3 Steinways.

Contrary to previous popular belief, this will not in fact be a performance involving hula hoops. Intent on dragging along her various hobbies to medical school, Farrah recruited Hira, Monika and Elise to dance this ‘auana (modern style hula) with her to the song, “Love and Honesty,” by Hawaiian Style Band. It was first performed at the PAX International Festival and was choreographed by Farrah and Liz.

It’s a pretty rare occasion to see me actually smiling while dancing. My concentration face tends to make me look really angry. :x