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It is definitely no secret that I want the anatomy GTA position. I’ve kinda been gunning for it before I even got accepted into this school. (Just so we’re clear, I’m about the farthest thing from a gunner, but I love anatomy. Perhaps a little too much.) Dr. Gross instilled in me a great love for the subject, and the fact that I wasn’t too shabby at it made it all the better. I was super flattered when someone mistook me for the TA when I was teaching someone the structures in GI system. Twas a sign. It’s something that I would happily do for free (lemme amend that to “it’s something I’ve already been doing for free since then”).

But when you add in the perks of the GTA position, hands down, I want/need it. (Being $250k in debt is not my idea of fun. ;_; ) In short, you graduate a year later because you essentially have two “third years,” where you spend half of it teaching and half of it on your rotations. In return, they pay for your tuition and student fees for those two years, as well as your fourth year. They also pay you for the two years that you work (~$1k/month, which you could argue is almost nothing, but I was only expecting to lose money when I went to med school, not make money). I could easily live off of $12k/year and likely have money to spare, so having 2.5-ish years’ worth of loans (1st 2 years of med school + residual grad school loans) sure as hell beats 5 years. That, my friends, is >$100k saved and $24k made (technically less if you factor in living expenses for that extra year, but we’re looking at the big picture here).

My mom is actually really against this idea, although she does try [unsuccessfully] to hide it. I think it’s because she wants me to just graduate on time and come home to CA. I’ve been attempting to convince her that this is a wondrous opportunity that I would really, really love to get, but I guess she won’t have to worry about it until I apply for it next year. For my year, there is only one spot for my year. :[ My partial hope is that everyone else in my class continues to dislike anatomy, although I feel like I wouldn’t be going out on much of a limb if I were to say that no one else in my class seems to be as enthusiastic about anatomy as I am.

I went in to talk to my favorite GTA a couple weeks ago since he was back from rotations and I wanted to find out more about how to apply for the position, what they’re looking for, how I can make myself a better applicant, etc. He gave me a bunch of awesome suggestions, and also said that since he’d still be around next year during the time our interviews were happening, he’d put in a good word for me and would be rooting for me. (You are awesome, Matt! :D!)

Since they’re looking for someone with experience who’s also easy to get along with and hardworking, my plans (as a result of his advice/suggestions/tips) are currently as follows:
-work in the anatomy lab over the summer so the anatomy staff will get to know me
-continue being an anatomy tutor over the course of next year
-show up in lab to help out the first years whenever possible
-hold anatomy review sessions for the first years
-let them know that I reallyyyy want the position :x but try not to come off as desperate and don’t scratch on their doors

Sometime this month, we’re supposed to find out about our work study options and such. If everything works out the way I’d like it to, this is hopefully how my very last summer ever will be spent (all my limbs are crossed; please send good thoughts my way ;_; ):

1st half:

-working in the anatomy lab ($!)
-playing piano at the Greenbrier ($$!)
-volunteer at the no-kill shelter + nursing home + kids’-exercise/nutrition-group
-reviewing this past year’s worth of material
-going over the USMLE First Aid book + Pathoma
-drawing up anatomy review charts/summaries/memory aids to help out the first years next year
-exploring WV + hanging out with friends who are still around

2nd half:
-hang out with family/friends
-visit Davis/LA
-volunteer at PHAC
-all the pole/silk classes my body can handle
-yoga classes
-continued review of whatever else I need to brush up on
-learn how to play the ukulele

My other blathering rants about anatomy are as follows: