Daily Archives: March 10, 2013

Jasmine Milk Tea

I apparently won 1st place in my church’s talent show yesterday evening. I’d completely thought it was just a way to chill and spend time with each other outside of worship and potluck, but that went out the window when I heard them talking about judges deliberating and such. I apparently still live up to my reputation of being the emergency accompanist. Since Rosie’s brother couldn’t make it, I played the accompaniment for the song she was going to sing for her. :O I was exposed to all kinds “mountain music,” the concept of “clogging” (my friend jokingly asked a medical professional to stand next to me in case I went into culture shock), yodeling, and all sorts of other things. Twas a fun way to unwind, and I am now $5 richer, hahaha. :P I felt bad for winning though, since it would’ve been nice for the kids to get something. It kinda isn’t fair on my part because I’ve been playing piano for longer than they’ve been alive. :/

In any case, here’s a super, super easy recipe! Reminds me of home, kindasorta. Not because I actually drank this in the house back at home, but because we had a billion milk tea places all over town. (I miss that.)

Jasmine Milk Tea

-jasmine green tea bag
-sweetened condensed milk, to taste

1) Brew a pot of jasmine green tea. (Or if you’re lazy/pressed for time and happen to own a hot water boiler, put a tea bag in a heat-safe cup and fill it with hot water.)
2) Add sweetened condensed milk until it reaches the level of sweetness you’d prefer.
3) Mix and serve!