Daily Archives: March 11, 2013


We had our clinical skills practical on the abdomen last week and were given a total of 18 minutes to complete it. I somehow finished in 7 and left the room in a state of absolute paranoia and thought I’d forgotten an extremely vital chunk of the exam, despite checking the list multiple times before, during and afterward. I hope it was okay? :x I’d like to think she would have stopped me if I’d truly forgotten an entire section. (I did fine. I guess I just talked really quickly. Or I’m super efficient?!)

They made a big deal out of doing a “closing,” which basically consists of asking if the (standardized) patient had any questions s/he wanted to ask, and that we were going to go talk to the attending about our findings and would be right back. I was under the impression that we were supposed to do that since day one.

In other news, it’s my brother’s birthday today! :]! I doubt he comes here often (if ever), but on the offchance that you do happen to venture here, happy birthday, good sir!