Daily Archives: March 15, 2013


I probably haven’t mentioned this since I keep writing into the future, but I put myself on another grocery store ban. When I tell people this, they usually get really confused, especially when I tell them how much I’m spending on groceries every month (~$100). That equates to roughly $25/week, and I’m eating pretty effing healthily (and constantly, because I’m usually cold and studying, and those are probably the two greatest hunger-inducing stressors in my life).

The ban isn’t really even because I’m spending too much (although to me, $100 is actually a little on the higher end). I was talking to my friend, who asked if I was eating really crappy food (quite the opposite, actually :O my meals are pretty healthy most of the time; I’ll get to why it isn’t shortly). It’s because every time I go to Kroger (where I really only wander around the perimeter unless I’m out of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch), I end up buying way more than I actually need because there are so many awesome things on sale.

One could argue that I’m saving money because they’re on sale, but if they hadn’t been on sale, I wouldn’t be buying it. ;_;

So, the ban was placed indefinitely. (Basically until after I finish all the food in my fridge.)

This may take a while because, as mentioned in #8 here, I’ve definitely been doing a whole lot of that. At one of the free lunch lectures I attended last week (heh heh heh), I discovered (according to the three questionnaires I filled out) that I would likely actually fare better in poverty than I would in high society. (This is probably only because I used to work at a free clinic.) Bartering was a skill that they mentioned in the poverty questionnaire. >_>

I would be so freakishly overjoyed if all our free lunches could be this. *-*

In any case, I haven’t had to cook in a good while because I made pumpkin cheesecake with a friend not too long ago and another friend gave me a whole container of Korean BBQ (<3!) since her parents had made/left her a ton. I also traded off a bunch of jasmine green tea bags for two containers of beef stew, and the same friend has promised to cook me all kinds of awesomeness after she replenishes her kitchen post-spring break (when she’ll have returned from a mass NYC-Asian-market food haul) because I tutor her in anatomy.