Daily Archives: March 17, 2013

classical conditioning

I’d be a failure at it.

Not too long ago, I started studying in what we call the catacombs. This is due in part to the fact that although I don’t go to class, I like getting all my school-related stuff done at school, and since I haven’t been studying with my neighbor lately, I have less of a reason to return home at a somewhat decent hour. The catacombs are nice in that they are ginormous and I can take up all the space I want in whatever room I take up residence in. There are multiple desks and whiteboards that I never utilize, and each room has its own adjustable thermostat(!). It also makes you forget that it’s a beautiful day outside so you won’t be distracted.

My only “complaints” are that there isn’t a microwave down there and the fact that I don’t get reception (which is probably a blessing in disguise because theoretically, it’d mean I’d be distracted less). I say theoretically because I still receive texts–I just can’t respond unless I walk up the stairs.

Last weekend, my neighbor made cookies with his new study buddy (I’ve been ditched! :O ) and texted me when he came back to see if I was awake so he could give me some (I think I fell asleep about 10 minutes before he got back). I went over the next morning to go over anatomy terms with him and he gave me two containers of em’! I’m not usually a fan of licorice, but these anise cookies were pretty awesome (very faint licorice taste–I think the icing helped).

His friend didn’t think they were any good, so I was given the task of sharing said cookies with others and telling them to direct all positive feedback to her.

This was a piece of cake, since we are at a med school where OOS tuition is sky high. Who would turn down free food? So off I went to foster good relations with others!

I’d told one of my friends about them beforehand (after he tried to sneak up on me with his truck and honked the horn behind me), so here’s what happened about an hour later. Apparently, I’m just really easy to abuse and since everyone does it, the problem must be me. :'(

F: (walks up the stairs to send off two texts and goes back down to the catacombs)
S: Hi again!
M: (apparently emerged from his windowless room while I was gone; takes my arm without a word and starts pushing me back up the stairs while simultaneously trying to close the door)
F: What the hell are you doing?
M: (keeps pushing me and trying to shut the door)
F: What a piece of crap! (shoves through said door)
M: I shouldn’t have said anything. I almost succeeded!

I must be a glutton for punishment. :[