Daily Archives: March 21, 2013

sleepover at school

It’s my spring break right now, but I’ve been driving to school every day to practice piano. My break has been pretty wildly unproductive aside from the med student conference I went to in Charleston on Friday/Saturday (I re-learned once again how to intubate baby mannequins, and also learned how to do to sutures, put in a central line, and do a lumbar puncture. Twas pretty awesome.) On Saturday, I went with a couple friends to a stranger’s house to watch MMA fights. When I mentioned that I was going to hang out with said friend, here’s the basic gist of the conversation that followed:

: Cool! What are you guys doing? ;)
F: We’re gonna watch MMA fights and be all manly and stuff.
: …

Ever since then, I’ve been doing one of the following:
1) practicing piano
2) volunteering (either at the dog shelter or playing piano at the nursing home)
3) watching a whole lot of Netflix (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead–I finished both seasons of WD on Netflix and I started on Sunday; yes I’m a little ashamed)

Yesterday evening, I convinced my friend to come out with me to my BJJ class. (By convinced, I really mean that he asked me to tell him when he went, since he was interested in coming.) I’ve basically been getting private lessons from Dan for the past couple months (with giant gaps in between since he has work and I have school), so yesterday evening consisted of a bunch of live 5-minute rounds. It was a really, really good workout, and I’m not as terrible as I thought! My friend was a collegiate wrestler and I almost managed to choke him out with a rear naked. (He had to work a good minute or so to get out of it. I should’ve gone for the actual choke part instantly instead of hanging out and waiting around.) I also got Dan in a full mount and an arm bar, and also managed to tackle him to the floor using a move my friend had just taught me. Granted, they weren’t going all-out but they each have 55 pounds on me and several years of experience over me (which isn’t hard, since I have uh, none), so I’m pretty happy. :D My friend said he was really impressed and that I’m really strong. :D

F: I got an arm bar and a full mount on him!
T: Yeaaaaaaaa you did! ;D
F: Oh. Those two were only on Dan. But I did almost succeed in a rear naked choke on him.
T: ……No words.
F: Don’t you love the name?
T: Just none.
F: Took me a month to learn to not laugh when I heard it.
T: Do I even want to know?

Here’s how the rest of yesterday went:

(I slept on one of these, but in a windowless room, so no one would see and judge me. :O )