Daily Archives: March 22, 2013

Turkey Basil Pesto Wrap

This is somewhat of a cheat recipe, but in my defense, I had a final on 4 weeks’ worth of material the next day, and I needed something quick. (And healthy, since I’d been snacking all day on things that were terrible for me.)

I stopped at Kroger and ended up walking out with just under $19’s worth of stuff. (You see why I put myself on that ban? :'( ) $19 did buy me the following though:
-2 tubs Chinese chicken salad
-10 whole wheat tortilla wraps
-1 pound maple turkey slices (from the deli’s special selections)
-1 pound buffalo chicken slices (from the deli’s special selections)
-1 tub basil pesto
-2 boxes of cereal
-1/4 pound of apple pie
-4 whole wheat bagels

So what I’m saying is, it could’ve been worse. :x

Turkey Basil Pesto Wrap

The one pictured here is actually buffalo chicken. The one at the bottom is maple turkey. :x

-basil pesto
-maple turkey slices
-whole wheat tortilla
-1 slice pepper jack cheese, quartered

I also did a variation with buffalo chicken slices + shredded cheese (guyere + swiss blend from the Dole Endless Summer Salad kit). :D

Yeahhh, this one’s the actual turkey one. :o