Daily Archives: April 2, 2013


I was going to call it revenge, but that sounds a little too extreme. Ever since my study buddy and I divorced (don’t worry, nothing catastrophic happened; we’re still friends and we still trade food [more accurately, he still gives me food]/notes and hang out/talk regularly–it’s just that I really can’t function without sleep and he’s divvied up the work with someone else/I didn’t want to intrude), I’ve had a lot more free time on my hands, especially in the sense that I don’t ever feel like I need to be home by a certain hour. Technically speaking, even before, I wouldn’t have had to since my neighbor never sleeps anyway, but still, I just feel like there’s just something very abnormal about going downstairs at 2 a.m. to study through the night, haha. With this new-found “free time,” I’ve been hanging out with my other friends more (and studying more at school because again, who wants to pay for more electricity?).

After a gym session the other night, I was headed back to the catacombs and two of my friends were going out for pizza. I should mention that I constantly give them crap about driving to different parking lots to repark their cars for “efficiency.” In any case, Mike drove from the gym to the catacombs (a distance of perhaps 60 feet, but he claims this is more efficient) to pick something up and left his car running, so I ran and dove into the truck bed and curled up until he came out again (at which point I leaped out at him). Although I did not get him to scream like a little girl as I’d hoped, he did give a surprised yell, so still better than nothing.

We also gathered for a last run-through of the complete head-to-toe exam on Sunday evening and many awkward-hilarious comments were exchanged.

The best of the bunch was probably, “I’m going to come in your eye.”

F/I: …What?
I: Mike, that’s horribly inconsiderate.
M: No! I meant look inside your eye!
F: Not sayin’ a word.
I: Really, Mike, that’s horrible. You don’t say things like that to people. Her eyes? Really?
M: No!!! I didn’t mean it like that!
F: That would really hurt, just sayin’.
M: Augh!!!

We’ve been doing a pretty healthy amount of ripping on each other (all in good fun, of course). They were making fun of the fact that I was ticklish yesterday since they were trying to palpate for my liver and my aorta during the abdomen portion of the physical exam.
M: Palpating for her liver is impossible. I can’t tell where her ribcage ends.
F: Yeah, apparently, I have a really long ribcage. I found out the other day. :[
I: Yeah, and if only she would stop laughing. Cool it, Farrah!
F: I’m sorry! I’m trying! ;_;
I: I’m not feeling anything other than her 8-pack.
M: Her aorta’s easy though. You just have to start slow and gentle and then go deeper, or her six-pack gets in the way and punches you in the face.
F: Thanks, guys.

For the record, I don’t actually have a 6-pack or an 8-pack (not a visible one, anyway).

We also went over our celebrity lookalikes the other day. Sean’s is Jim Carrey because of the chin. Mike’s is Josh Hartnett, although his features are more defined. I don’t think I really resemble any celebrity, but I’m a fairly biased party, so Sean and Mike looked up a list of Asian actresses and went from there.
S: Her?
M: Nah, Farrah has bigger eyes than that.
S: Maybe her.
M: Maybe. Or Lucy Liu, but I think Farrah’s eyes are bigger.
F: It might just be the picture. We both have freckles, and my eyes are smaller when I smile.
M/S: Wait, right there! Her! I think you look the most like her!

The “her” in question is Gong Li, so I’m pretty darn flattered, to say the least. I don’t think we actually look anything alike other than the fact that we’re both Asian, but hey, I’ll take it! :O