Daily Archives: April 6, 2013


Several weeks ago, I was at Walmart raiding the store for paper cups and soup crackers. We had to climb a couple shelves to accomplish this because, as luck we have it, they sent the two shortest people off to obtain them. Somewhere along the way, my ID decided to spontaneously jump out of its holder, so I effectively lost the ability to gain entry into any of the buildings after 5 p.m./on weekends and the ability to go to the gym. It sucked.

But the story ends happily. The second time I went back to Walmart to check, they had it in the lost and found.

The picture quality is kindasorta crappy on purpose. I just wanted you to see the medical tape and the scratches.

I think it got run over several times with shopping carts, but I was pretty darn overjoyed that someone turned it in (thank you!!!) because replacing this sucker would have made me $50 poorer. That’s right. $50.

Clearly, it’s not worth anything close to that amount of money, but I guess replacing the programming that went into it is what was the kicker. I have since secured its holder by adding a strip of medical tape on the side. :O

Our cards work much like the MTR cards in Hong Kong, so theoretically speaking, you don’t even need to take it out of your bag, if you don’t want to. I usually have mine hanging around my neck because my car keys and mailbox key are attached to it, but not that day. :O We were walking back to the classroom (emphasis on walking, because I was with Isaac and Mike, and they usually drive, but something came over them that evening and they actually decided to walk with me–unheard of, I know), I turned around so I could unlock the door for us, but no familiar “beep” occurred.

F: :\ (moves closer to the sensor)
I: You’re short; stand on your toes or something!
F: (stands on tiptoes)
(nothing happens)
F: -_-  (jumps in the air)

sigh. :[