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Alright, kids! I was waiting til after my exam to share this news, and now that it’s over, here it is!

I’m entering a powerlifting competition! :]!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I aspire to be a badass, and that I set up arbitrary levels of badassery that I want to achieve (e.g. choking out my friend Mike-still in the works). I like working out because it relieves stress and keeps me sane/healthy, but have been going it alone basically ever since I started because most of my female friends here don’t even want to be in the gym at the same time I am (my presence apparently makes them feel bad ;_; ). I also operated on a somewhat insane schedule, but anyway, over here, this basically translates to me working out with my guy friends.

Two days before our endocrine final, Steve (I can now call him a friend now since we actually talk and stuff, haha) found me at the gym (or vice versa, since I got there after him). I’d had intentions of going to do some cardio so I could study and exercise at the same time, but as it always happens, I ended up running over to the weights instead. (By the way, this weather we’ve been having reallyyyy makes me wish I liked running, but alas.)

S: I’ve been comparing med school to Cinderella. You basically only get to live one night each month, and then you go back to being a pumpkin for all the other days of the month.
F: That’s quite possibly the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard. :[
S: Think about it though. When are you happy? After an exam.
F: True, but what about when you’re eating good food? :D
S: Farrah, we were born for each other.

lawl. Anyway, he was saying how if I end up staying here this summer and we hang out, we will likely get absolutely nothing done in terms of studying in advance for boards because we’ll just end up at the gym. Or eating. He probably has a point.

S: But if you’re here this summer, I really want to take you to a powerlifting competition. It’d be really fun.
F: :O! Really? When is it? That’d be really cool!
S: By take you to one, I mean enter you in one.
F: :O! Even better! But I’d need to train a lot. I’m kinda shitty right now.
S: No, Farrah, you don’t understand. If you were to enter now, you’d win.
F: What? Seriously? :O
S: I’m not kidding. But if I work with you, we can probably get your squats to 200. Your deadlifts are probably at the very least 225, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that were more.
F: Are you sure about that? I’ve still never done anything over 185.
S: Farrah, I’ve seen you lift. You could easily do over 225.
F: Full of awesome! My bench press is terrible though. I’ve been stuck at 95 for ages.
S: That’s okay; bench press is every girl’s worst event. I’ll just work with you on technique and you’ll be fine. So you really would be interested?
F: Hells yes! That’d be awesome!

So that was Tuesday.

At present, I’m shooting for the 123-lb. weight class since I currently weigh around 126 in the middle of the day, give or take a pound. Steve says I could get to that with basically no effort required…but then I talked to Mike (and again, I will preface that he used to wrestle) and he said he could work with me and easily cut me down to the 114 lb. weight class. Now, the amount I know about wrestling could probably be filled into a thimble and nothing more, but my brother and two of my closest family friends used to do it back in junior high/high school, so I am aware of the crazy things they do to lose weight that cannot be. in any universe, deemed healthy. He’s apparently cut from 180 to compete in 165 in a couple days (or was it a single day? I don’t even known anymore).

However, he did preface that he’ll only help with that if I really actually want to get down to 114, since it’d be entirely fine for me to compete in 123, but if I want, he’ll do a much more simmered down version so I won’t (a) hate life, (b) be miserable, and (c) do ridiculously unhealthy things to myself. (Since I weigh almost 60 lbs less than him, those 12 pounds are gonna be harder to lose.) Between the three of us, I think we have enough of a science background to not ruin me forever. PATH TO GLORY AND GREATNESS, HERE I COME!

Anyway, I’m super excited, if you can’t tell, and I think this will be an awesome experience. :]

Since we finished our exam yesterday, I met up with Steve at the gym later in the day so he could check my form/teach me technique/get a baseline estimate of what I can do currently so he could draw up a game plan for me over the next almost-2 months. I PR’ed in every lift yesterday, and they definitely weren’t my max lifts. It was awesome. :D

Deadlift: 215 (my form was slightly off on this one and I was making it harder than it needed to be, so apparently, I could do a crap ton better)
Squat: 185
Bench Press: 110

So between the two of them…SHINY TROPHY, YOU ARE MINE! (Hopefully.)

The only downside is that this means I have to go on a diet. Since this blog pretty much revels in food, I’m pretty sure you know just how miserable this may make me, especially since I already eat pretty healthily. (I basically just need to scale back on the vast quantities I consume.) We had a birthday dinner for my friend yesterday and I was referring to it as my last supper, but apparently diet starts Monday, which means I can go to the chocolate festival tomorrow.