chocolate festival 2013

I am so, so happy that my diet starts on Monday.

It meant that I was allowed to partake in the annual chocolate festival in Lewisburg! :] (This is basically a picture post. Breath of fresh air from my walls-of-text post?)

I bought 5 tickets at the city hall. Moderation is key. :x MAKE EM’ COUNT!

While we were standing in line and waiting for 11 a.m. to roll by so we could start up our chocolate-induced comas, we mapped out a battle plan on places where we wanted to go. (There were 34 different tasting stations and many of them had several choices.)

We did a lot of camwhoring since it was a nice day and we were actually doing something other than school.

Milk Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites in Toasted Oreo Crumbs

Almond-Hazelnut truffle + Lemon Truffle!

Looking just a tad bit deranged.

We were trying to neatly split the truffles.

Finally lookin’ normal?

Much love for white-chocolate-covered strawberries. <3

Shoney’s Signature Hot Fudge Cake

We found some of the others!

This was all made of chocolate!

I also got a chocolate-covered Strawberry Smoothie (not pictured). I ended up getting…8 things because we came across a friend who’d pre-ordered a bunch but was all chocolated-out, so he gave us all his tickets (thanks, Marshall!).

Sweet & Savory Almond Bark, Mango truffle, Peach-Ginger Vegan Chocolate, another chocolate-covered strawberry.


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