Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

birthday weekend

My friend texted me late Saturday night to ask if I could come out to a going-away picnic that we were throwing for one of our friends, since she’s going back to DC soon (she’s a second year, so she’s taking her boards back there). Since I’m not exactly one to miss out on fooding awesomeness and the like, I of course answered, “Sure!”

Well, it was a lie.

The “going away party” was actually for my birthday. :O It’s a reallyyy good thing that I didn’t end up texting the girl in question about it, because she wasn’t there. :x

I have awesome friends. <3

Nina was diligently trying to open the can of pineapple with a fork handle, hahah.

They decorated my seat too!

I sent a picture of me with all of the food above to my brother, and my mom happened to see it, so she sent me a text to tell me that I looked like I’d gotten fatter, so I should stop eating so much. Thanks, mom! I feel the love. :O