Daily Archives: April 24, 2013


Our quiz [mainly] on male repro is tomorrow.

“Ashley, can you hand me that penis over there?”

F: There was a really good one here. …Where did the penis go? It was here earlier…
A: I think a group came by earlier and took it.
S: How could you let someone take your penis away? Go find it!
F: Wait, there it is! It’s coming back!

When I almost walked into a plastination of a head:
F: Oh hello, faces.
T: I’m so glad we’re done with that. And that we cut the head off.
D: Things you would only ever hear in anatomy lab.
F: One would hope.

M: Are you guys done with the penis?
F: Yep! Here you go! Do you want the probe too?
B: Oh Farrah…
F: Never mind.
M: Yes, we’ll take the probe.

We also had a conversation about fractured peni (my preferred plural term for penis, even though it’s not actually a word). It was disturbing. Last week, all the groups who had female cadavers had to hemisect the vagina. As luck would have it, that burden (of sorts) fell onto me. Weirdly enough, I didn’t really care, but that might be because I’ve long since learned to dissociate when I’m in lab (that + I’m just so used to anatomy lab that few things in there really faze me anymore). This week, all the groups with male cadavers had to hemisect the penis. The guys did not have a good time with this.

I can’t wait til we’re done with repro. Hands down, my least favorite block thus far. It gives neuro a run for its money. I definitely feel that I’ve seen way more pictures of reproductive organs in these past two weeks than I would ever have hoped to gaze upon in a lifetime. (Can you tell that I have zero interest in OB/GYN? >_>) If someone looks through my search history, I’m going to look like a total perv. ._.