Daily Archives: April 25, 2013

“my neck is too buff for you to choke”

Last week, for our study break, my friend went with me to my BJJ class and we went through some judo throws, as well as a whole lot of takedowns. He taught me how to do a double-leg takedown last month (which I uh, haven’t done since then), so we were practicing that. There is no probably no better way to learn than to learn fromĀ  your mistakes. My hand was way too high up (aka at his hip) for one of my attempted takedowns, so when I tackled him to the floor and drove his hip into the ground, my hand was between his hip and the ground.

Needless to say, it was frighteningly painful. He had/(has?) a pretty ginormous and terrible-lookin’ bruise on his hip, and my hand felt broken for about a day. :[ That’ll teach me proper hand placement though, yes yes?

We did a couple live rounds at the end, and once again, I managed to get his back, but he stood up again. Dan came out of the back to find me hanging onto his back trying to choke him out with him walking around trying to figure out what to do without hurting me too badly (he’s been holding back pretty substantially to avoid murdering me by accident). His newest technique is to just jump up and down to make me lose my grip.

M: I love this size advantage. (He has a good 5(?) inches + 60 pounds on me.)
F: I hate my life.

I did almost manage to get him twice though, so I will consider this improvement. :O He says I’ve improved immensely since the first time he taught it to me. :D

F: I’ll get you one of these days!
M: My neck is too buff for you to choke. Look at these sternocleidomastoids! (poses by turning his head left + right to show off said SCM’s + his chiseled jawline)
F: . . .

I woke up the next morning all kinds of sore and with a very conspicuous bruise on my right forearm + another gigantic one on my left thigh. My friends were asking if everything was okay and if I needed to talk to somebody. ._. sigh. (much love and thanks for your concern though!)