Daily Archives: April 27, 2013

hello, income

I’m going to assume that we’re all aware that I’m one super-frugal son-of-a-gun. I have been known to wash dishes/take out the trash for people in exchange for food, so why should it stop there?

I somewhat recently learned that one of my friends absolutely hates folding laundry. Of all the household chores there are, folding laundry is probably my favorite one, mostly because it means warm, clean clothes fresh from the drier. They smell nice. :]

F: Seriously? You hate it more than cleaning toilets and bathtubs?
M: Yeah! With bathrooms, I just put a pair of gloves on, get some bleach and go to town. But laundry? It takes me several days.
F: …How much clothing do you have!?
M: Well, it’s really because I get pissed off at it and leave it for another day, but I really hate it. I found a lady at the laundromat who’ll fold my clothes for me if I pay her $10.
F: …
M: Sweet deal, right?
F: …No, not at all. I can’t believe you won’t fold your own clothes. That’s probably my favorite household chore.
M: We’d make a great team then. …Wait, if I pay you $10, would you fold my clothes for me?

Yes, that really just happened.

I apparently looked a little sad yesterday. (Listless might be a better word. I’ve been desperately fighting a somewhat-losing battle against a cold, so I haven’t been feeling too lovely.)
M: Hey Farrah, is everything okay?
F: Yep, been better, but still kickin’.
M: Are you sure? I feel like something’s wrong! I feel it! Your aura’s not as strong today. Your qi’s down!
A bit extreme there, but it made me smile.

In other news, this is a good read.