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饺子 (Dumplings)

I’ve made dumplings before, but this time, it’s all from scratch! We were going to use pre-made wrappers, but they went bad. (Got too busy and didn’t get a chance to use them. :'( ) Soooo…we made everything from scratch, haha.

饺子 (Dumplings)

-2 cups all-purpose flour
-3/4 cup just-boiled water
-1/4 tsp salt
-2 eggs
-1 lb. ground turkey
-cabbage, diced
-white button mushrooms, diced
-carrots, diced
-garlic powder
-ground ginger
-oyster sauce
-soy sauce
-sesame oil
-freshly ground black pepper
-sea salt
(Dipping Sauce)
-soy sauce
-rice wine vinegar

1) (Wrappers) Put flour + salt in a bowl and mix. Make a well in the middle and add water, using a wooden spoon to stir. Try to evenly moisten the flour (should be in lumpy bits).
2) If the dough doesn’t come together when you’re kneading it, add water until it does. (It shouldn’t be sticky.)
3) Transfer dough to floured flat surface (we used a wooden cutting board). Knead dough and press into small circles.
4) (Filling) Add all ingredients together and mix well.
5) Add small spoonfuls of filling into each wrapper and fold.
6) Boil a pot of water and drop em’ in. Wait til they float.
7) Fish them out and pan-fry!

The filling!

I had great dumpling folding minions. (I definitely cannot make them that pretty. o_o)


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