Daily Archives: May 5, 2013

my little gubernaculum

We finished our repro course (at long last!) on Friday. NO MORE REPRO!! (Til next year.) I’m pretty jubilant because OB/GYN is #1 on my list of “Do Not Want’s” (I’m glad that there’s something out there for everyone) and because I think I’ve had enough of seeing pictures of diseased genitalia. I feel like anyone who looked up my search history who wasn’t here would probably think I was a creeper. :[

My Davis friend and I gave each other nicknames somewhere during our repro course (week 1? don’t know, don’t care. it’s over!). He calls me his gubernaculum (because he thinks the name is cute and because I’m useful) and I call him my cervix (he’s also useful, and it was better than calling him my uterus).

Anyway, the night before the final, we were holed up in opposite rooms in the catacombs. Mike decided it’d be fun to sneak up to my study room, lift up his shirt and press his chest against my window. (Thanks, guys.)┬áDuring one of my study breaks, I stopped by to visit.

M: Hey there, gubernaculum!
F: Since when did you call me that?
M: Isaac says he calls you that because you’re useful. I’m trying to see if it’s true!
F: Of course I’m useful! I help to pull the gonads down!
M: Yes, but what do you go through?
F: The inguinal canal?
M: See?! That’s what I was arguing. She is smart!
F: I just happened to retain that. :O
I: Alright, this one’s important! What does it go through?
F: The superficial inguinal ring?
I: But what do you attach to?
F: The labia majora.
M: How do you even know that? What are you doing in that other room, studying?
F: No, of course not! I’m listening to music and it’s telling me all the answers.

It’s finally sticking! I attribute this to the second year I befriended who decided to adopt me as his mentee (thank you! :D!).