Daily Archives: May 19, 2013


When you spend so much of your time sitting around and studying diseases in every system, you’re for the most part bound to eventually get paranoid and start self-diagnosing. I’ve actually managed to somewhat avoid this because entering that powerlifting competition is pretty good motivation to not slack off on my workouts (as is the whole cutting weight so I’ll be in the weight class I want to compete in). That and the fact that a couple friends took over my BJJ class with me, so now we learn BJJ & wrestling and then beat each other up. I end up looking like I’m in an abusive relationship and my friends ask if everything’s okay with me until I answer with something along the lines of, “I got into a fight, but don’t worry. You should see his bruises. :D”

It’s definitely a good workout. I like to think these activities build character (+ strength…and keeps me in shape.).

However, sitting around for hours and hours on end probably isn’t all that great, especially when you’re studying about blood clots. Here’s how I’ve been dealing with it.

  • Drink a whole lot of fluid + keep self well-hydrated.
    I’m usually actually pretty dehydrated, so this helps me to…not be. If I’m full of liquid, I’m less likely to eat when I’m not hungry (works well for my stinking diet; I hate not being able to eat everything on sight ;_; but this is definitely healthier for me, haha). And of course, if I have to get up every hour or so to pee, there’ll be less of a chance for blood to pool in my legs. Yepyep.
  • Study while on ellipticals/stationary bike.
    It’s usually the ellipticals, because then my arms can move a little too. People tell me this does not work, but I’ve been doing it since senior year of undergrad and it’s been pretty awesome at helping me to memorize things. It also means I need to stay on top of things so I’ll actually have things to put in front of me to study/memorize while I exercise. (Since I hate cardio with a burning passion, the studying part helps it to go by a little faster, or I’d honestly never do it. ._.)
  • Practice Tahitian/hula while studying.
    Somewhat self-explanatory. If I’m doing stationary hip circles/figure-8’s, I get to throw in a little dance practice/exercise while I’m studying. It also keeps me awake, because I’ve definitely been known to fall asleep in my chair while reading my notes. (Yep, it’s really that riveting. Or I’m really just that tired.)

In other news, I do believe they received my registration information on time. Looks like I will be competing on June 1st after all! :D