Daily Archives: July 10, 2013


One of the only things I really dislike about living in WV is really just that it’s so far away from the people/things that I love. I had all these grand plans to be productive and get some studying done in advance while I was home. …I’m a little ashamed to admit that absolutely none of it has gotten done (none of the academic-related stuff, anyway). I’ve been trying to see as much of my friends/family as possible while also trying to go back to living at Twirly Girls, working out, and making good food. :O You’d think this wouldn’t take up too much time, but oh believe me, it does. ._.

In any case, I was absolutely thrilled because I got to take a workshop (this never usually happens because I’m never here ;_; ) yesterday! Since I had my photoshoot on Sunday and a lesson right before the workshop, I was basically dead, but I tried my best to absorb as much as I could, and I have a bunch of new goals to train for. :] Joey is such a sweetie! :D It was great meeting him and learning from him! :]

I miss living here. <3