Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

the “test”

Jun and I were at the playground on Sunday afternoon and managed to figure out when it was that we started with this whole fob accent thing. It apparently stems from 2008, when we were making fun of each other/hardcore derping in front of the guy I call my “secondary ex.” I love how a white guy (even if he’s an egg) is responsible for our fake fob accents. This is terrible.

That’s not what this post is really about though.

It’s probably somewhat common knowledge (assuming that you have awesome friends) that when the significant other meets your friends, s/he kinda needs to make a pretty darn amazing impression to be awarded the stamp of approval. It’s the shit test of all shit tests, except not, because if this person’s gonna be a big part of your life, one would hope that everyone could/would get along and like each other.

Over the weekend, we met up with one of our friends and found out that we’d finally be meeting her boyfriend. :O

We arrived by way of BART and had a short discussion along the way as to “how much derp” we should have while he was around. This shit test kinda goes both ways, although I’d like to think friends (again, assuming that they’re good friends) win over significant other, at least in the beginning (and hopefully, making a choice between the two never comes up because that’s just effed up). We ended up making a pretty much unanimous decision to turn off the derp until further notice (aka after we’d observed how they interacted with each other), since we didn’t want to potentially embarrass our friend. :O

But it turns out that we’re way too comfortable with each other and no longer have any boundaries. He came and picked us up and within a minute of sitting in the car, conversation went something like this:

K: Okay, I’m going to stop trying with this seatbelt. I think it just makes things more uncomfortable for you.
F: You mean because you’re fondling my butt? It’s fine; I’m used to it.
J: (facepalm) So much for turning off the derp.
F: …shit. Sorry.

It is a-okay though, because he seems to be a keeper! He makes my friend super happy, which we were all really glad to see. :]