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Thai Iced Tea

If you look reallyyy closely at that cup, it’s a picture of me a decade ago, feeding a baby tiger with a baby bottle. :O You can find Thai tea leaves on Amazon. (Jun alerted me of this. I haven’t found em’ elsewhere yet.) I’m not including measurements since we tend to like things less sweet, and regular Thai iced tea (when they serve em’ in restaurants, anyway) tends to be wayyy sweeter.

Thai Iced Tea

(This has already been mixed.)

-Thai tea leaves
-evaporated milk*, to taste
-honey (or sugar), to taste

1) Bring water to a boil in a pot. When it starts boiling, remove pot from heat and add tea leaves to the pot. Stir to moisten the leaves.
2) Let the tea leaves sit in the hot water and wait ~5 minutes.
3) Pour tea through a sieve into cups. Add sweetener and stir to dissolve.
4) Serve in a glass with ice + pour tea over the ice, leaving ~1/4 empty. Top it off with evaporated milk.

I didn’t have a glass and apparently, my dad turned off our ice thingy in the fridge, so we drank it after it’d cooled off, but in theory, ice + pouring it in a glass would be ideal (especially if you want pretty pictures, har har).

*The evaporated milk can be subbed with soy milk, rice milk, etc.