Daily Archives: August 2, 2013

Mango Hot Dogs

My dad got creative and made a new dish! :D I may attempt to recreate it sometime with chicken and more veggies, if mangoes are ever at a reasonable price over in WV. :O

Mango Hot Dogs

-chicken hot dogs, sliced
-mangoes, cubed (save the mango skin shells!)
-onions, diced/sliced
-baby bella mushrooms, diced
-1 tbsp sake
-celery, diced
-brown sugar

1) Heat up some EVOO in a skillet. Add onions and mushrooms; let them cook for a couple minutes until somewhat browned.
2) Add the celery and hot dog slices with a couple sprinkles of salt and brown sugar.
3) Add sake and mangoes. Cook for a while longer or until sake boils down.
4) Scoop into mango shells and serve!