Daily Archives: August 7, 2013


I was going through old pictures and came across these.

Once upon a time (back in freshmen year of college), my roommate, aka my fb husband, took a photo class and decided to use me as a model, which I gladly accepted. Having never had the chance to pretend to be a corpse, I suggested that she do a couple of those.

That’s the planter outside the music building. It’s actually not as uncomfortable as one might think.

This one is also outside the music building. The chalk outline is courtesy of a chalk box that we obtained from Teresa in the office. If you look closely enough, you’ll see that I was given horns. :O

Back when I was turning 21, I felt like something was up when I stuck my face into a huge blue bowl and sniffed it and was met with a rather frantic, “Get out of there!”
F: What’s with the sudden lack of trust?! :’( Did I do something?*
*It was because the aforementioned giant blue bowl had been used to make my surprise blue velvet cake, and he was worried that I could still smell it even though he’d already washed it.

But ever since then, for everyone’s birthday, our group has been making the birthday person their dessert request of choice and we generally send out a list of stuff that we find awesome. It’s a pretty nice tradition, and although there isn’t so much an element of surprise anymore since we know to expect it, we still try to make it a “secret.”

I apparently ruined this because I came home earlier the following year to drop off my bow and arrows at home and eat before going to work. I noticed a giant blue bowl on the counter with eggs and flour and smelled cake, but pretended not to notice. But I guess it was pretty evident that I’d noticed.

J: Noooo!!! Please don’t tell Rey and Nadia, they’ll tell me I fail. :[ I know you noticed, and I’m sorry I fail, but I didn’t know you were coming home so early!
F: It’s okay! :O I was trying to pretend that I didn’t see it.
J: Do you want some of the cake batter? You can have an early preview of the cake. :O
F: Sure! <3

I ended up washing the giant bowl and other cooking stuff, and we mused about how sad it would be if Rey or Nadia were to walk in and see me washing the remnants of what had been used to bake my cake.
J: I could suddenly shove you away. :O
F: And then I’d go through the wall. :O

We have such a loving relationship.