Daily Archives: August 11, 2013

the catacombs

I foresee an inevitable war here between the first and the second-years.

Earlier this calendar year, the catacombs were opened up as additional study rooms for us. Sean alerted me of them at about the same time that Adam and I divorced each other as study buddies and ever since then, the catacombs have been my study hovel. There were several of us in there last year and we all adopted our own “favorite” rooms that everyone else soon learned not to take out of courtesy to the person who inhabited it most frequently. If one of my favorite rooms was taken, my second favorite was usually up for grabs, so this wasn’t ever a problem. Since I am the master pilferer of foods, I would usually go down the line and offer it to my cellmates. Needless to say, we all got/still get along pretty swimmingly. (Sometimes perhaps a little too well, because we end up talking way too much instead of studying…I welcome the study break though!)

Fastforward to this year. How the first years even know of this place is beyond me. I realize that it may sound slightly hypocritical, considering that last year, most of us that were in here were also first years. But we were quiet. And considerate. It stands to reason that if all but one of the rooms are empty (lights turned off and doors open), you would go to any of the other blatantly empty rooms instead of barging into the one and only room where the door’s closed with the lights on. At the very least, one would hope you’d perhaps consider knocking first.

Such was not the case.

One of them didn’t even bother apologizing or closing the door after her.

What the eff, man. >:o

Last Wednesday evening, I came across some of my usual cellmates all piled into the far room (aka my favorite room). When they saw me, they waved for me to come in.
S: I’m sorry we took your room, Farrah.
L: They’re just way too loud over there.

Slamming doors and yelling will do that. (I was unfortunately sharing a wall with them.) Do they not realize this is a designated quiet study area? ;_;

F: I’m about to strangle them. :[
S: Tell Jon to tell them to shut up. You know he’ll do it! We gotta lay down the law! And you should tell them too. They’ll probably listen to you more because you’re a girl.

About 5 minutes later, however, they were almost back up to their usual volume, so I went to ask them to quiet down, and Mike followed suit shortly thereafter. 5 noise complaints within a single evening should perhaps get the point across? ._.

We’re probably going to need to do a whole lot of conditioning to get it back to the peaceful place this once was.