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Onigiri (Part II)

Apparently, it’s been almost a week since I’ve posted a recipe. :O Sorry guys! In the meantime (for better or worse), I guess you get to read more about my life and find out about me. :x

The “underground hula harlots” (underground because at the time, I wasn’t allowed to ~*officially*~ teach classes [more on that later!] and harlots to be ironic because none of us are actually harlots) has been around since January-ish, when we first performed for the PAX international festival, but we usually hang out as part of a bigger group, or just in different groups. I had a craving for onigiri, and I had yet to make any sushi rice with my first-world rice cooker, so what better time to start than now? (I have a whole lot of rice I need to finish off and having people to help me is always pretty awesome; I need more brown rice recipes that are as popular as the Pineapple Fried Rice I made last week). I will likely do this again with even more different fillings. :D

This is when my Davis household made onigiri (which is apparently also called omusubi. Speaking of that, I’d love to make chicken + tofu musubi someday…). :D

I think this recipe made well over 25(?). It’s best to make em’ right when the rice is freshly cooked. :] I am loving my rice cooker’s timer function, and plastic wrap makes these a billion times easier to shape into triangles (or whatever shape you want). I like these because there’s so much potential for variety and they’re so easily portable. :D!


There are only 5 pictured because we were hungry and also because when I make stuff in bulk, I tend to just take a picture of some of the prettier ones and pack away/consume the rest. :O

-3 cups sushi (short grain!) rice
-4 tbsp rice vinegar
-1 tbsp sugar
~1 1/2 tsp salt
-nori (seaweed)
-furikake seasoning

-canned tuna, drained
-wasabi mayonnaise (obtained from Trader Joe’s)

-shredded chicken
-red curry powder
-walnuts, finely chopped
-dried cranberries

1) Cook rice as directed in your rice cooker (or however you do it in a pot…).
2) Scoop out a little under 1/4-cup portions of rice and slightly flatten onto plastic wrap. Poke a hole in the middle and fill with ~1/2 tbsp of filling*. Cover it up with rice.
3) (*Filling!) Throw the ingredients in a bowl (to taste) and mix!
4) Wrap it up with the plastic wrap and twist it til all the air comes out. Shape into whatever shapes you want and bam! There you go!

I know the original recipe called for putting salt on the plastic wrap to help them stick a little better, but I’m a fan of using as little salt as possible. Where Na+ goes, water follows, and I’m not the biggest fan of bloating/retaining a crap ton of water. High salt intake tends to go hand in hand with a high blood pressure, so meh. They stuck together pretty well (we just ate em’ from the plastic wrap :).

I decided to make another batch the next morning (this recipe makes about 26 of them, apparently). It took me about an hour to make all of them (along with 6 other sandwiches). I think I’m getting better/faster at this? :D?

They make wonderful snack-presents. :D

I passed some off to one of my friends and he proposed the idea of possibly having some people over at his place to make/have supah fancy dinner. (He wants to build a fire on his deck, which is made of old, dry wood. It sounds like the smartest plan ever.)
F: What should I make?
M: Anything!
F: I have a lot of rice that I need to use up?
M: Make more of these! :D
F: Would you rather have more of these or more pineapple fried rice?
M: …
M: …That’s like asking me if I want a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. :/

Plans are also under way to make tamales sometime, if we figure out where to acquire corn husks!