Daily Archives: August 13, 2013


Last week, I was walking to my car to get a blanket so I could go back to my basement cell to study. I happened to bump into 2/3 of my favorite cell mates and they looked like they were about to drive to the gym (I ridicule them for this on a regular basis).

F: Seriously? You’re really going to drive there? It’s 100 feet away!!!
I: No! We’re gonna go box today!
F: Not at the gym?
I: No! With Dan!
F: Oh. That works then. …Wait, why didn’t he tell me about it!?

(The indignation is because I’ve been the only one that’s consistently been going to Dan’s classes since last year. I’m also the one who dragged them there with me last semester. What is this betrayal!?)

M: It’s because we’re boxing today. We weren’t sure if you’d be interested since we’d be beating each other up and didn’t know if you’d want to potentially be hit in the face. Would you be interested in coming though?
F: Sure!

During a later study break:

M: Did you change?
F: Nope. I don’t have extra clothes today. I’m sorry if I smell.
M: You don’t smell. Girls don’t ever seem to; it’s weird.
F: (decides against explaining about how females tend to have less body hair and thus, there’s less trapping of bacteria => smelliness)
M: (lifts his arm) Come here and smell me!
F: No! You are not making me smell your armpit again! ;_; I’m standing my ground this time.
M: …But I took a shower! And put on deodorant!
F: …
M: I was just trying to impress you. :[ Never mind.
F: You smell nice.
M: You didn’t even smell me.
F: I may have inhaled slightly while your arm was up. ._.
M: Okay, cool. It’s a new deodorant; I wanted to get your opinion.