Daily Archives: August 15, 2013

testing procedures

To better simulate actual prometric testing procedures, we are no longer allowed to bring backpacks into the room, which is fine with me. (We used to have to throw them up front, but that was a very clear fire hazard.) I am fine with this no-backpack rule since it’s very reasonable.

Towards the end of our last school year, they made our exams into blocks and stopped letting people take breaks to go to the bathroom and such. It sucked, since I usually drink a whole lot of tea in the morning (sigh), but what I’m really not okay with is the newest rule: no snacks or drinks.


I know they’re trying to better simulate prometric testing procedures, but DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THAT’S HOW I STAY AWAKE WHEN I’M TAKING TESTS!?

I realize this says something about the amount of sleep I’ve been getting (or the fact that I feel like I just fall asleep way too easily but don’t actually have narcolepsy), but nooooo. ;_; Sad times.

On an entirely different note, did you know that our school has a sandwich club? I thought they were kidding last year, but it’s the real deal. I think our potluck club (we D.O. food) is cooler though. :D