Daily Archives: August 20, 2013


There were complaints/suggestions last year that having just one exam per course was pretty darn stressful, and if you had just one bad day, it was all over for you, so the school listened to us and now, we have…3 per course, with a whole lot of quizzes in between. This basically just means that we’re perpetually being tested on something. No more slacking (not that I/we did before, but still).

We also raised the issue of how much it sucked to have a quiz the day right before an exam…and they listened, which was awesome, but they responded to this by moving our exam days to Mondays (for the most part). Who needs weekends anyway? :'(

This is how you know exams are coming up (for me, anyway).

  • I start dressing in a somewhat monochromatic manner. Generally, this means varying shades of gray/black. (It’s to match how I’m feeling on the inside.)
  • 5-6 days before, my apartment starts getting really clean, and a whole lot of food gets made. (This is what I like to call “productive procrastination.”)
  • Then it falls into complete chaos the days directly before the exam.
  • The bag of food that I bring along with me to school triples in size.
  • The amount of tea I drink increases exponentially.
  • I start wandering around campus with a blanket.
  • Lots of things get added to my wishlist for retail therapy (otherwise known as “Yay! You didn’t fail! Here, get yourself a present!” motivation)

I had one cup of coffee at around 5 p.m. on Friday and couldn’t fall asleep until 4 a.m. (Can you tell I’m not a coffee drinker? D: ) I probably consumed a total of 5 cups of coffee throughout my entire first year. As such, it is pretty potent stuff when I actually do drink it.