Daily Archives: August 28, 2013


I was at the gym yesterday doing cardio since it was my off-day from lifting and I had a whole lot of notes to commit to memory. (These notes are basically the only way I keep myself going when I’m doing cardio because I hate it. :[ )

Halfway through my workout (yay intervals! they’re slightly more interesting than usual-cardio), my friend came over.

S: Farrah, what are you doing on this side of the room?!
F: It’s not what it looks like! I lifted yesterday! Today’s my off-day and I have stuff to memorize.
S: Ok good. As long as you’re not abandoning us over there.
F: Of course not! I just figured I shouldn’t lift today because I did yesterday. Don’t judge me!
S: Alright, because when I saw you over here, I thought you’d defected to the other camp.
F: Hell to the no. :O I’ll be back tomorrow!

On a completely different note, it’s club night tonight! Time to recruit all the members we can!