Daily Archives: September 7, 2013

how i de-stress

(Aside from going to the gym and eating copious amounts of food.)

How can you possibly be stressed out when you’re surrounded by adorable, loving cuteness overload?

Here’s Herman, the original circus cat. :D He trained the others to be like him.

Like this one (Ellen?)! Please excuse my face. Apparently, I assume this facial expression whenever I’m around cute animals. ._.

Puff is one of a set of triplets and loves to groom people. <3 The general thought process is probably, “Silly human. You don’t know how to groom yourself! Here, I’ll do it for you because you feed me and clean my bathrooms for me!”

Bingo: “Why aren’t you paying attention to me?” (Part 1)

Lady: “Why aren’t you paying attention to me?” (Part 2)

Derrick: “Hah, suckers! I win!”