Daily Archives: September 19, 2013


My friend likes to creep on me, but I usually notice because generally speaking, he’s not that stealthy (or I just happen to turn around every time he tries). I’ve been ruining his life for days because I keep happening to turn around when he’s in the middle of writing something to me on my window, or when I return to my room and am completely unfazed when I open my door and he’s standing behind it waiting to scare me.

M: Did I get you!?!? :D!
F: No, I kinda figured you’d be here.
M: (visibly deflated) How could you have known!?
F: Your door was open, so I thought you might be in here.
M: But how does that even–what do you do? Spy on me?
F: I just happened to notice when I went across the hall to the bathroom.
M: …I give up! Something’s just wrong with this.
F: I’m sorry I keep ruining your life. Do you want me to pretend to be scared? I can try that!
M: Yes. >:[ Do that next time.

He finally succeeded the other day! I completely didn’t notice this one until I went outside to refill my water bottle. :O